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christmas ship festival 2012

Argosy Christmas Ship Festival 2012

The Christmas Ship Festival is back – bringing Christmas cheer to Lake Washington, Lake Union and other spots around Puget Sound. There are lots of ways you can participate in the festivities. For one, you could book a ticket aboard the Argosy ships. Choose between  Read More 
enchantress cruises

Enchantress Cruises

Taking a cruise around Lake Union and Lake Washington offers some of the greatest vantage points of our city. The next time you have a small group you want to treat to a special outing, use Enchantress Cruises for a totally personalized experience. Work with Mark to choose your route (Lake Union, Lake Washington, Ballard …  Read More 
Christmas Ship Festival

Christmas Ship Festival

For 62 years, the Argosy Christmas Ship Festival has brought holiday cheer via boat to the shores of various communities in and around Seattle.  Read More 
Victoria Clipper

Victoria Clipper

An easy overnight excursion from Seattle, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Victoria is a beautiful city, loaded with gardens and retaining an old British charm that you don’t find in nearby Vancouver.  Read More 
Waterways Cruise

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise

Save yourself some work in the kitchen and celebrate Thanksgiving Day with 2.5 hour dinner cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington. Waterways Cruises is decking out their boats with a buffet of traditional Thanksgiving selections and live music while you take in beautiful water views.  Read More 
Orca Whale

Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is cool for precisely two reasons: You can see Orcas in their natural habitat, learn about their migration patterns and eating habits, and watch them do their fancy dances in and out of the water. Even on the nicest day, you’re in for some chilly breezes.  Read More 
King County Water Taxi

Ride on a Water Taxi

Riding a taxi in a big city hardly qualifies as a “cool thing to do,” but Seattle has one of the most unique taxi services you will find, and it is definitely worth the trip. King County runs two water taxis that take commuters and visitors back and forth between West Seattle, Vashon Island and …  Read More 
Farkle on a Ferry

Farkle on a Ferry

We wrote earlier about taking a ferry ride on our elaborate Washington State Ferry System. Well once you’ve done this a few times, and grow tired of all the gorgeous scenery (as if!)  – remember to bring a game of Farkle along with you (a deck of cards will do too).  Read More 
Ferry in front of downtown Seattle

Ride a Ferry

Seattle has the largest ferry system in the United States, carrying over 23 million riders and 10 million cars back and forth across Puget Sound each year. Many people use the ferries as part of their daily commute to work, which is definitely a relaxing alternative to traffic gridlock that landlubbers face in most cities. …  Read More