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Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale 2013

Seattle Tilth March Edible Plant Sale

Time to get your garden on! Seattle Tilth is hosting a sale full of edible plant starts perfect for spring planting! Choose from a variety of organic, sustainable and locally grown veggies, herbs, edible flowers, fruit shrubs, fruit trees, seeds, and supplies. Seattle Tilth educators will also be on deck sharing their knowledge of gardening …  Read More 
Waterfall Garden Park

Waterfall Garden Park

My bet is that more tourists to Seattle know about Waterfall Garden Park than those who actually live here – which is probably true almost anywhere tourists flock. Located between Pioneer Square and the International District, Waterfall Garden Park is this remarkable little oasis amid the hub-bub of the city.  Read More 
Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

This year marks the Northwest Flower and Garden Show’s 25th anniversary! To celebrate, the show is going “Hollywood” – complete with show-stopping attractions and live entertainment!  Read More 
volunteer park express

Volunteer Park Conservatory Holiday Train

The Volunteer Park Conservatory is always a festive place this time of year, with hundreds of poinsettias and trees decorated with lights. This year they’ve upped their game, with a new Volunteer Express standard gauge model railway that travels throughout their holiday display.  Read More 
wild mushroom show 2012

Wild Mushroom Show

It’s that time of year again – time for the Wild Mushroom Show, sponsored by the Puget Sound Mycological Society. This is one of the largest and most complete exhibits of mushrooms in the United States. Over 200 varieties of wild mushrooms will be displayed, identified, and classified as edible, poisonous, or valueless as food.  Read More 
moon viewing at seattle japanese garden

Moon Viewing at Seattle Japanese Gardens

Moon Viewing (tsukimi no kai) festivals in Japan welcome the arrival of the full moon. Here in Seattle, enjoy traditional Japanese live music and dance to celebrate our next full moon. Seattle Japanese Garden, located in the Arboretum will be aglow with lanterns, luminaries and floating boats. View the full moon through telescopes provided by the …  Read More 
Dunn Gardens

Dunn Gardens

Originally designed as a summer retreat for the Dunn family by the Olmsted Brothers landscape design firm, Dunn Gardens has become a historically significant garden in Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood.  Read More 
Volunteer Park Conservatory

Victorian Day

The Conservatory at Volunteer Park is celebrating its 100th year with an old-time Victorian Day celebration this weekend.  Read More 
pacific rim bonsai collection

Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

For an amazing bonsai collection, look no further than our neighbors to the south – Weyerhaeuser Headquarters. They have a wonderful Bonsai garden – the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection. Scattered about an absolutely beautiful natural setting are 60+ bonsai sculpture – small-scale representation of mature trees in nature that suggest a particular scene or mood. …  Read More