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dorothy and herbert collection

The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection at SAM

We just love the story of this sweet couple, a New York City postal clerk and his wife, a librarian, who throughout their humble life were able to build a legendary contemporary art collection. They collected nearly 5000 artworks from 1962-1991, at which point they donated most of it to the National Gallery in Washington. …  Read More 
west seattle

West Seattle Art Walk

If you take your art walks seriously, then you’re going to want to check out the one going on in West Seattle. From Alki to Delridge, creativity is practically bursting out of West Seattle’s borders!  Read More 

Wallingford Art Walk

If you’re looking for some superb local art or just looking for an excuse to check out a new neighborhood, art walks are a great way to indulge either interest.  Read More 
georgetown festival

Georgetown Carnival

Art, Music, and Power tools, Oh my! The Georgetown Carnival is coming to town! Georgetown prides itself on being eclectic – and this show is definitely that! This festival has all of the regulars; music, art, and food – but with the flavor of Georgetown.  Read More 

Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk

If you don’t live or work in Capitol Hill (or even if you do), and are looking for another good excuse to get out, take a gander at the Blitz Arts Walk. Held the second Thursday of every month, this self-guided walk promises something for everyone.  Read More 
Maneki Neko Exhibit: Bellevue Arts Museum

Maneki Neko Exhibit: Bellevue Arts Museum

In need of some good luck? Bellevue Arts Museum newest exhibit features more than 150 Beckoning Cats – the common Japanese figurine believed to bring good luck and fortune to individuals and businesses alike.  Read More 
Wing logo

Fashion: Workroom to Runway Exhibit

Standing in line at the checkout, it’s hard not to notice all the beautifully dressed people gracing the magazines. By the time we see spectacular duds, it seems so easy. Well, the Wing Luke Museum, located in the International District wants people to know the whole story.  Read More 

Best of the Northwest Spring Show

Every weekend during the Spring, Summer and Fall, folks in neighborhoods all around the Puget Sound get a taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in the way of handmade crafts, from jewelry and clothing to glass and ceramics. But on the weekend of March 23-24, the cream of the crop will gather …  Read More