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arctic building seattle

Arctic Building

Known for the 28 terracotta tusked walruses guarding the perimeter of this nine-story building, the Arctic Building has been on the Downtown Seattle scene since 1916, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a City of Seattle Landmark. Sometimes easy to miss as you speed by, the building is worth a stop and look – …  Read More 
Seattle houseboats

Houseboat Tour 2012

Seattle natives and tourists alike often admire the unique and curious floating home communities on Lake Union and Portage Bay, but usually just from the outside. The biennial Floating Homes Tour is your opportunity to see inside some of these gems.  Read More 
tour of architects

Tour of Architects

Architecture is one of those art forms that often gets appreciated only in photos or by gawking from the outside. The Tour of Architects this weekend gives Seattle architecture geeks a chance to experience the interiors of a number of unique homes and chat with the architects who designed them.  Read More 
localist seattle

Localist Itineraries

This is a no-brainer for visitors to our city, but what about having Localist Seattle put together an itinerary for an “Explore Seattle” Day?  Read More 
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center

Opening this Saturday, February 4th, is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center – a chance to glimpse inside the work of this incredible organization. With interactive exhibits, super cool technology (a real time photo wall of visitors, kiosks where you can share your responses to what you see) and a real opportunity to hear the stories of the …  Read More 
BAMignite: Mad Men & Martini Party

BAMignite: Mad Men & Martini Party

Don your finest Don & Betty Draper attire this Friday for Bellevue Arts Museum’s Mad Men & Martini Party – to celebrate the art & style of American designer George Nelson. Mr. Nelson designed many swank objects in the mid-20th century including furniture (Marshmallow Sofa, Coconut Chair), lighting (Bubble Lamps), and tons of cool clocks. …  Read More 
Seattle bungalow

Bungalow Fair

Sorry we didn’t find this sooner, but I just realized that the 14th Annual Bungalow Fair is happening in Seattle this weekend, September 24-25, 2011.  Read More 
Seattle Architecture-A Walking Guide to Downtown

Seattle Architecture: A Walking Guide to Downtown

Are you an architecture geek looking for something to do in Seattle? Or maybe you are simply looking for some walking tours for your visit to Seattle? If so, pick up a copy of Seattle Architecture: A Walking Guide to Downtown.  Read More 
Seattle Stairway Walks

Seattle Stairway Walks

If you’ve spent any time in Seattle, you realize that it is a city of many hills and stairways, some of them quite steep and dramatic. There are over 500 stairways in the city, making for enjoyable walks and a great way to exercise and see hidden areas and views in many neighborhoods.  Read More 
Amgen Helix Bridge

Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge

Most Seattleites will drive right by this architectural gem without giving it much notice. Spanning 11 railroad tracks, this bridge connects Amgen’s office complex on the waterfront to a major arterial road. The bridge is designed after the double helix structure of DNA. (Amgen is one of the world’s largest biotech companies.)  Read More