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Treehouse Point

Treehouse Point

Treehouse Point is a treehouse resort in the forest located just 30 minutes outside of Seattle. Guests can book a stay in one of their many secluded treehouses located throughout the 4-acre property.  Read More 
Amazing time-lapse videos of Seattle

Amazing time-lapse videos of Seattle

If you live in Seattle, you probably don’t need a reminder of how beautiful the Emerald City is, but the photographers at F-Stop Seattle have put together a couple of amazing time-lapse videos that you will love.  Read More 

Ballard Classic Home Tour

If you’re anything like me, you’re a tiny bit curious what other people have done to their homes. If so, the Ballard Classic Home Tour on Sunday, June 23rd is right up your alley.  Read More 
The RE Store

The RE Store

Do you see that awesome chicken coop and soundboard arbor? These projects were built using only reclaimed and salvaged materials. Last I checked, Home Depot’s stock of salvaged soundboards was low. All of these gems came from The RE Store – Seattle’s “Value Village” version for building materials.  Read More 
Historic Seattle Renovation Fair TODAY

Historic Seattle Renovation Fair TODAY

Are you one of those folks who loves to get their hands dirty on home projects? Do you have a commercial space that has some historical architectural features you’re just not sure how to care for?  Read More 
Red Tri Heights

Aiming for the Sky

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: Being a tall building in Seattle is a rough gig. After all, it’s hard to get any attention when you have the Space Needle in your town!  Read More 

Earthwise Architectural Salvage

If you ever have a birthday party held at a salvage yard, don’t take it the wrong way. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to have it at Earthwise Architectural Salvage, you should feel pretty special. Now, event rental space isn’t their primary calling – it’s actually the reclamation and resale of significant architectural pieces …  Read More 
Smith Tower

Valentine’s Day at Smith Tower

Pioneer Square’s Smith Tower is one of those places that could easily be overlooked, but really shouldn’t be ignored. Just one year shy of its 100-year birthday, Smith Tower was one of the world’s first skyscrapers outside of New York City.  Read More 
northwest home open house

AIA / Northwest Home Open Houses

Each month, Northwest Home and AIA Seattle feature a “Home of the Month” – a recently remodeled or custom built home showcasing exemplary design and Northwest style. The homes are featured in Seattle Magazine and open to the public for tours on a Saturday or Sunday. The home featured this January is  Read More