Though it hasn’t always been considered such, Madison Valley is a desirable neighborhood in the middle of the Capitol Hill/Central area of Seattle. With tons of parks and a growing business district, this place has it all.


For decades, Madison Valley was simply an area that had to be traveled through to get to more interesting places, like Madison Park on the shores of Lake Washington. Because of its steep slopes that were prone to landslides, no one really wanted to build there. But as the lots near the water filled and more housing was built for war workers, Madison Valley itself eventually populated. Much of the area has maintained its natural beauty, and parks are practically a dime a dozen. Small, interconnected green spaces make their way down to Lake Washington, and the community is forever involved in protecting nearby habitats.

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Because Madison Valley has only recently been given the respect it deserves, the attitude here is fresh with a “look at us!” kind of flair. The community has joined together to make their voices heard on issues such as safety, education, and environmental conservation. With a growing business district along Madison Avenue, the area is attracting more and more visitors, and residents are nothing but proud of their neighborhood.

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Anyone who loves a good neighborhood stroll will adore the shops and restaurants on Madison Avenue. A French theme prevails, with places like Tallulah’s, Luc, Crush, and Voila! Bistrot. You can also hit up fun home décor stores and boutiques like City People’s Garden Store or Sugarlump for clothing “from bump to big kids”.

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