The neighborhood of Laurelhurst is every bit as fancy and meticulously maintained as the name would imply. The homes are large, the views are impressive, and safety and order are major priorities.


Laurelhurst has been enticing people with its beauty for as far back as we can see. The Duwamish tribe used the land as a seasonal campground, and early Seattleites would row across to the peninsula from Madison Beach, farther down on Lake Washington. Real estate developers recognized a good thing when they saw it, and soon the land was being cleared of its trees and being made ready for homesteaders. As the railway made its way north along Lake Washington, the area became even more popular. People who lived right on the water inherited an extra few feet of beach when the Lake Washington Ship Canal project caused the water level to drop.  Today, residents count themselves lucky to have scored their own piece of this desirable neighborhood. Laurelhurst was one of the original suburbs of Seattle before it was annexed, and it has kept that same feel. The streets wind peacefully through the neighborhood and homes are situated on little cul-de-sacs. If it weren’t for the views from the top of the hill, you wouldn’t suspect you’re in a large city. It’s easy to get to busier areas like the University District and even downtown. And even though it’s quiet, no way is Laurelhurst snobbish! This is a close-knit community where everyone is on the lookout for what’s best for their neighbors.

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Laurelhurst is always good for a scenic drive to admire the houses, but if you’re looking for a little more action, head to Sandpoint Way. On the western end, you’ll find delightful little places like City People’s Mercantile, a hardware/home décor store, University Wines, and the Sand Point Grill. Closer to the University Village, there are many restaurants ranging from the fancy (Jak’s Grill) to the classic pizza joint, Varlamos Pizzeria.

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