Guess which was the first hill to be inhabited after Downtown was all filled up? Yup. First Hill.


Seattle’s elite were the original residents of First Hill, since they wanted to be close enough to all of the action of downtown but still have their privacy. Names like Haller (Haller Lake), Frye (Frye Art Museum), Carkeek (Carkeek Park), and Boeing (no description necessary) are some of the most familiar. The neighborhood was also once called “Profanity Hill” because of the exhausting hike from downtown, and is commonly called “Pill Hill” today, due to the high concentration of hospitals there. Hopefully you find yourself in First Hill for a reason other than being hospitalized!

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In keeping with history, the attitude of this area continues to be “stay close to the action!” It’s an easy bus ride or walk down to the business district, and an equally short distance to the also-bustling Capitol Hill. It has its own little section of businesses along Madison Avenue that provide plenty of opportunities for dining, shopping, and people-watching.

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Hopefully you’ll never have to head to First Hill to visit a hospital, although they do give top-rate medical care. Instead, try taking a tour of one of the historic mansions to get a taste for what the area was like in its early days. Or, view some classic paintings at the Frye Art Museum, which has the added bonus of free parking and admission! There’s always something going on at Town Hall, be it a concert, book talk by a published author, or community forum.

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