This fancy-pants neighborhood located to the east of Capitol Hill overlooks Lake Washington. Don’t be surprised to see gated driveways and meticulous landscaping!


After the Madrona trolley line was built in the early 1900s, two land developers bought nearby property and started selling it to the many people who were eager to move to the shores of Lake Washington. Can you guess what these guys’ names were? That’s right—Denny and Blaine. Even though they apparently couldn’t come up with a more creative name for the area, it still prospered. Nearly every lot had a view of the lake, and a chain of parks was built from the top of the hill on down to the water. Today, most of the original homes (and all of the charm) remain.

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Denny-Blaine is a haven for those who want a quiet, well-kept neighborhood that’s still relatively close to the city center. It’s strictly residential, so you won’t find a lively business district or many day visitors here. What you will find are stunning houses along meandering streets that end in cul-de-sacs.

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Though Denny-Blaine has no business district to call its own, there is plenty to do in the surrounding neighborhoods like Madrona and Madison Park. Both of these areas are home to upscale restaurants and shops. What Denny-Blaine is really known for is its parks. There are three tiny ones within the confines of the neighborhood; one right along Lake Washington, one with its own pond, and a third, Viretta Park, that is just grass and a cool staircase is also sometimes referred to as Kurt’s Park (after Kurt Cobain, who used to live nearby). There is not much to see in Viretta Park, but the two benches are covered in tributes to Kurt Cobain.

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