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Hoa Salon Part Two

Okay, so last year I wrote about Hoa Salon with locations in Ballard, Roosevelt and Madison Valley. However, what I was not aware of at the time, was the awesome, private group room they have at each of their sites.  Read More 
Super Bowl Red Tricycle

Super Bowl Family Fun

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: We may have ditched our raucous Super Bowl parties and bar hopping for a more subdued Super Bowl Sunday at home, but this behemoth of an American holiday is still certainly filled with food, drinks (both adult and of the mocktail-variety) and screaming at the TV.  Read More 
Hoa Salon

Take a Time-Out at Hoa Salon

Sometimes all we need is a small retreat from our everyday lives. A great place to find just that is at Hoa Salon. Whether you’re in Ballard, Madison Park or in the Roosevelt neighborhood, when you walk through Hoa Salon’s doors, your worries quickly slip away. The warm, inviting atmosphere and smiling service instantly has …  Read More 
roosevelt tree lighting festival

Roosevelt Winter Celebration & Tree Lighting

Stop by Roosevelt this evening for their Winter Celebration & Tree Lighting Festival – a good chance to spread some holiday cheer and check out the merchants of this cool Seattle ‘hood. Live holiday music (Nathan Hale High School Choir, Cavalry Christian Assembly Choir + others)  starts at 6PM with the tree lighting happening at  Read More 
Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle Restaurant Week is back, with 150 restaurants offering 3-course meals for $28. Technically, Restaurant Week runs over two weeks, minus the weekend, from October 16-20 and 23-27, 2011, so we’re already half way into it.  Read More 
1 pancake + one egg (any style) + trip to the toppings bar by jslander, on Flickr">

Portage Bay Cafe

Raise your hand if you like pancakes and/or French toast. If you like fresh fruit and/or whipped cream, place your other hand on your heart. If you enjoy strong, fair-trade coffee and/or fresh-squeezed juices, stand up. And if you are dedicated to eating locally-grown, healthy foods, repeat after me: “I hereby solemnly swear that will …  Read More