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Penumbra Beer Bash

A penumbra is “…the space of partial illumination between a perfect shadow on all sides and full light…,” according to Webster’s dictionary. Since the Penumbra Beer Bash is on the last weekend of winter before spring, it makes for a perfect name for a celebration that shines a light on some of the best Northwest …  Read More 

Pajamas, Pancakes and Caspar Babypants

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: January is coming to a close and if you haven’t got your fun on this month, there are plenty of opportunities this weekend. Consider: a rockin’ concert with Johnny or Caspar, a two-day festival for baseball fans, a show about a boy with a VERY long nose, a free giveaway …  Read More 
kids cooking classes

Kid’s Holiday Cooking Classes

From our content partner, Red Tricycle: Gingerbread houses, anyone? How about baking a Thanksgiving pie from scratch and having it delivered to your front door? ‘Tis almost the season, which means now is the time to sign up the kiddos for holiday cooking classes happening in the Seattle area during November and December. Kids culinary …  Read More 
tour of architects

Tour of Architects

Architecture is one of those art forms that often gets appreciated only in photos or by gawking from the outside. The Tour of Architects this weekend gives Seattle architecture geeks a chance to experience the interiors of a number of unique homes and chat with the architects who designed them.  Read More