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The Wishing Tree

So, this is one of those things I’ve been witnessing all summer, but it took my husband to say “this is cool” for me to finally “get it.” The Wishing Tree is a simple idea: take a tree, tie twine from its branches so that it hangs down, place a bag of cut pieces of …  Read More 

Bite of Broadview

The Bite of Broadview (BoB) is happening this weekend, and you don’t want to miss out. Whether it’s raining or not, this festival is prepared for the wet stuff.  Read More 
carkeek park

Carkeek Park

How is it, that we’re at Seattle Thing to Do #969 and have never talked about the majesty of Carkeek Park? This beautiful park, located between Crown Hill and Broadview, has everything to delight the whole family! Large play structure, complete with giant salmon slide? Check. Huge grassy area for frolicking? Check. Beach access? Check.  Read More 
Dunn Gardens

Dunn Gardens

Originally designed as a summer retreat for the Dunn family by the Olmsted Brothers landscape design firm, Dunn Gardens has become a historically significant garden in Seattle’s Broadview neighborhood.  Read More