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world kite museum

World Kite Museum

Flying a kite is one of life’s simple pleasures – using the force of wind to go aloft, kites bobbing and darting in the sky, getting your string tangled… Did you know that Washington State (Long Beach, WA to be specific) has our very own World Kite Museum?  With a collection of over 1500 kites (including the largest Japanese kite collection outside of Japan) – the exhibits explore the science behind kite flying (different materials used, how kites work, aerodynamics) along with the artistry of kites. The museum also has a exhibit on how kites were once used in World War II efforts to aid in communication.

And since we’re talking about kites, plan to attend the Washington State International Kite Festival held each 3rd week of August (This year it’s Aug 20-26). The festival sounds so cool – fighter kites, kite ballet, fireworks, lighted night flies and a few “mass ascensions” with ~250 kites in the air at one time (speaking of tangled strings…) All at one of the most beautiful coastal settings in Long Beach.

Long Beach is a good day’s trip away from Seattle – so plan to make a couple days of it.

World Kite Museum
303 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach, WA
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