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You regularly enjoy a game of hoops, you loved bumper cars as a kid, and you were a star lacrosse player in college. Is the a sport that combines aspects of all of these sports? You bet there is, and it is known as Whirlyball!

The object of the game is pretty easy. Players ride around in electric bumper cars, known as WhirlyBugs and carry a scoop. Players pass and catch a whiffle ball with their scoop and try to score by shooting the ball into hoops at each end of the court.

Whether you are looking for a fun team event, a place for a birthday party, or you are a Whirlyball expert looking for a league, the Washington Whirlyball Center in Edmonds is where you can participate in this awesomeness. I was introduced to Whirlyball at a corporate event 10 years ago, and I assure you that you will be hooked once you play.

Musicians seem to have a special appreciation for this sport. Apparently Kid Rock liked the sport so much that he spent over a million bucks to install a state-of-the-art Whirlyball facility in his Detroit home, and the Bellingham band Death Cab for Cutie was featured on MTV playing Whirlyball.