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Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is cool for precisely two reasons:

  1. You can see Orcas in their natural habitat, learn about their migration patterns and eating habits, and watch them do their fancy dances in and out of the water.
  2. Even on the nicest day, you’re in for some chilly breezes.

But it’s worth it! There are several companies that offer tours–some leave from Seattle (you can even take the Victoria Clipper), or you could opt to take one of those lovely ferry rides we’ve been talking about and head up to the San Juan Islands to catch a trip.

If you’re lucky like this girl, you’ll be able to see a large male Orca chase a salmon around and under your boat, or maybe see a mama and her new baby swim up to check you out. The boats also have underwater microphones so you can hear the whales chatting with each other.

It’s the experience of a lifetime! (As long as you’re not a salmon.)