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A grocery store is not usually a tourist destination, but Seattle’s Uwajimaya is not to be missed. If Safeway has an opposite, this store is it. Loaded with Asian food, with an emphasis on Japanese, the store has an awesome selection for adventurous eaters.

Whether you are looking for miso, Pocky, sake or kim chee, Uwaji’s is the place to find it during your weekly grocery shopping trip. The seafood department is top notch, with one of the broadest assortments of fish in the city. The front of the store houses a gift shop with housewares, cosmetics, pottery and Hello Kitty goods. There is even a branch of Kinokuniya, the huge Japanese book store.

Dragon at Uwajimaya

If you are not in the mood to prepare your own food, the food court has a huge selection of Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese options for a quick and inexpensive lunch or dinner.

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