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The Piecycle

The Piecycle

The Seattle food scene is experiencing a renaissance in dessert choices at the moment, with pie bakeries leading the way.  In a marriage of two of Seattle’s favorite things, The Piecycle combines Seattle’s love of travel by bike with pie delivery.

UW student Max Kraushaar runs a one-man operation in the U-District on Friday and Saturday nights where he delivers slice of pies that he baked by bicycle. All you need to do, and I’m not making this up, is text your location and order to him, and between 9PM and 2AM, he’ll show up on his bike with a slice or whole pie.

Pies by bicycle

The pies get rave reviews, but the geographic reach of this particular dessert is limited to the U-District at the moment. Seems worth a Friday or Saturday night trip to the U-District to me.