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Sundance Cinemas

If you’re looking for an easy night out with your friends or significant other, check out the Sundance Cinemas. Located in the old Metro Cinemas site in the University District, the theater has been revamped, and caters to the 21+ crowd only.

From the get-go this place is pretty cool. Movie-goers can buy their tickets either online or in person, with the added perk of reserving a specific set of seats from a touch screen before ever setting foot in the theater. Each pair of seats has a table between them to set your food and drinks on.

Yep, that’s right – food and drinks. Folks can choose from a wide variety of edible items, from the traditional popcorn and soda to a salad, pizza and beer or cocktail of your choice!

It’s definitely a few notches above your usual movie theater, and definitely worth the extra bucks for all the special add-ons.


Sundance Cinemas
4500 9th Ave. NE / Seattle