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Spice up your winter with a little Salsa!

Spice up your winter with a little Salsa!

Salsa Dancing, that is.  With movements that originate from a popular type of Latin music called Cuban Son, Salsa fuses rich beats and sensuous movements to create a fun and beautiful form of dance.  Fairly easy to learn, Salsa is popular among beginners and experts alike. 

At Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill you can enjoy one-day Salsa Dancing workshops, four and five week series or weekend workshops.   Along with salsa, Century Ballroom also features a variety of other types of dance, such as foxtrot, lindy hop, waltz, tango and swing.  With 2,000 square feet of rumba room, Century Ballroom claims to have one of the largest dance floors in Seattle.  So grab a partner and some dancing shoes, and shimmy your winter blues away!

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