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Get Sloopersized

Get Sloopersized

At the Sloop Tavern in Ballard, you won’t find linen tablecloths, fancy food, or impeccable service. You will, however, witness one of the city’s most awe-inspiring sights: the Sloopersized Beer.

That’s 33.4 ounces (every fraction of an ounce counts, right?) of your favorite draft beer. And the beauty is, prices start at only four bucks. Even microbrews will only cost $5.75–that’s what you might pay for a measly pint at other establishments! While you enjoy your giant beverage, order a cheeseburger and entertain yourself by playing pool, darts, Big Buck Hunter Safari, or just sit back and watch the spectacle unfold.

And yeah, I know–the photo above is terrible. But I chose it for a reason. The blurry edges, the distorted colors, and the confusion about what your eyes are beholding just happen to be the exact sensations one gets after draining a mug that big. So feast your eyes! Then, head to The Sloop.

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