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Seward Park Owl Prowl

Seward Park Owl Prowl

Who, Who loves owls? If you do – plan to join up at one of Seward Park’s monthly owl walks. The event starts with a quick lesson, some (children’s) book readings and games, and then play “spot the mouse claw” in a pellet dissection. Then the real fun begins: a nocturnal 2-mile prowl into the heart of the forest to spot some of the resident’s owls. Listen close and you’ll hear their deep, spooky hoots – maybe even see them take flight and swoosh past with their mighty wings.

The event happens once a month (this month’s event is January 22) – plan to start the party at 5:30, and it will continue until 9:30 or so. There is a minimal general admission charge, and remember your walking shoes and something cozy to wear.

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