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Seattle Urban Farm School

Seattle Urban Farm School

Seattle urban farmer Stacy Brewer is on a mission to raise as much food as possible from her 4000 sqft Maple Leaf “urban farm”. A certified Master Gardener, she is primarily self-taught through trial and error, and her yard has become home to prolific vegetable gardens, a mini-orchard, chicken coop, and a cutting garden.

One of her great passions is to pass what she has learned to others, and through that mission she has started the Seattle Urban Farm School – offering amazing classes from her very own backyard Schoolhouse, with topics including:

  • Edible Gardening 101: Family Favorites
  • Spring Pickling
  • Gardener’s Tool Kit: Cloches, Trellises and Other Useful Tools
  • Tons of Tomatoes
  • Space Saver Gardening
  • Indoor Seed Starting

Another cool thing about her farm is that she donates her garden bounty back to the community, as well as hosts a “giving garden” from the front yard. Sign up for a class today so you too can learn to live off the land!


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