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Seattle ReCreative

If you or a loved one (big or small) is looking for a way to indulge their creative side without breaking the bank, take a look at Greenwood’s Seattle ReCreative. This “creative reuse” center is open to all, and encourages the use of your imagination!

Walking through the doors, you’ll find everything from markers, paints and textiles to buttons, wood, paper and a multitude of craft supplies just waiting for you to get your hands on them. Everything you see is donated, so supply does change – but not matter what, you’re bound to find something interesting to work on. There are classes for adults and children, from book-binding to painting, as well as art exhibitions, free, Saturday skill workshops, and a relatively new “maker space,” as well.

The experience is definitely worth the trip, and who knows – you might just discover the hidden inventor or artist – within!

Seattle ReCreative / Seattle
8408 Greenwood Ave. N. / Monday-Sunday