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The Seattle Opera is a world-class opera company that is recognized internationally for the quality of its productions and is known as the pre-eminent presenter of Wagner’s opera in the United States. If they are Wagner specialists, will you get to see the “fat lady sing?” (valkyrie Brünhilde from Götterdämmerung is where this expression comes from) Well, Seattle Opera’s performer is a bit more svelte, given our city’s penchant for fitness. In addition to Wagner, the upcoming performance feature such opera classics as Don Quixote, The Barber of Seville and Carmen.

The operas are matched by the amazing sound and atmosphere of McCaw Hall. This is perhaps one of the best modern venues to view an opera or ballet, and it is conveniently located on the Seattle Center grounds in Lower Queen Anne. You can check out their calendar of performances and get season and single performance tickets at their website.

Photo credit: Bill Mohn