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Clothing Swap

Seattle Clothing and Costume Swap

Swapping is the thing to do nowadays – and I mean of things, objects and food – not people! So, it’s exciting to spread the word about the upcoming Clothing and Costume Swap in Fremont at OmCulture this Sunday, April 14.

Here’s the scoop: it’s only $10 if you bring 20 or more items to swap, and a whopping $20 if you bring less than 20 items. The focus is on clean, undamaged, wearable clothing. (Feel free to bring your damaged costumes or clothes – including kids, but they won’t go toward your entrance fee.) Beverages will be available, and you’re more than welcome to bring some snacks to share – just make sure to label them for the gluten-free and allergy prone folks!

With live music throughout the day, door prizes, massage and dancing encouraged, it sounds like a great way to spend the day!

Om Culture
2210 N. Pacific Street / Seattle