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Seattle by Foot

Seattle is a great city to explore on foot. Downtown is relatively compact, and as long as you are cool with a few of the hills along the way, there are lots of rewarding destinations and views for bipeds like yourself.

Seattle by Foot offers walking tours of the city, exploring nooks and crannies that even locals don’t know about. Whether you are interested in Seattle coffee, beer, sights or other funky stuff, Seattle by Foot has a tour that you will enjoy.

  1. Coffee Crawl – A mix of coffee tasting, history and Seattle highlights.
  2. Emerald City Tour – Featuring many of Seattle’s famous landmarks and cultural icons.
  3. Pub Crawl – A walking tour of Seattle’s local microbrews. (Be sure to eat before heading out on this one!)
  4. Funky Fremont – Explore one of Seattle’s quirkiest neighborhoods with a walking tour of Fremont.

Advance purchase of their tours is recommended, particularly when the whether is nice. Get on those walking shoes and check out Seattle while you are here!