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carkeek park

Carkeek Park

How is it, that we’re at Seattle Thing to Do #969 and have never talked about the majesty of Carkeek Park? This beautiful park, located between Crown Hill and Broadview, has everything to delight the whole family! Large play structure, complete with giant salmon slide? Check. Huge grassy area for frolicking? Check. Beach access? Check.

Carkeek Park also has one of the greatest view points to park and watch the sun set over Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  Those daring enough can cross the bridge and watch a real life train whiz below your feet! Cross the bridge and trek down the long staircase to a fabulous beach – where you might be lucky enough to see a kite-boarder or do some tide pool investigating! There are also covered picnic spots, and miles of lush forest, meadows, creeks, and wetlands with hiking trails throughout. And make it educational by walking the Pipers Canyon Story Trail to learn how salmon were brought back to Piper’s Creek.

Carkeek Park | 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd, Seattle