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Ride on a Water Taxi

Riding a taxi in a big city hardly qualifies as a “cool thing to do,” but Seattle has one of the most unique taxi services you will find, and it is definitely worth the trip. King County runs two water taxis that take commuters and visitors back and forth between West Seattle, Vashon Island and downtown Seattle. The rides are short, but scenic, fun and best of all cheap! It is unlikely that you are going to complain about Seattle taxi drivers after taking one of these ultra-unique taxis, and don’t forget your camera!

The West Seattle Water Taxi runs a seasonal service between Seacrest Park in West Seattle and the downtown Seattle waterfront. King County is actually trying to procure funding to make this route available year-round. If Vashon Island is your destination, there is a second water taxi that plies the waters back and forth between downtown Seattle and the Vashon Ferry Terminal.