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Ferry in front of downtown Seattle

Ride a Ferry

Seattle has the largest ferry system in the United States, carrying over 23 million riders and 10 million cars back and forth across Puget Sound each year. Many people use the ferries as part of their daily commute to work, which is definitely a relaxing alternative to traffic gridlock that landlubbers face in most cities. (Don’t worry, Seattle has all sort of snarled traffic jams of its own.) You’ll be amazed at how many cars they can load on these behemoths!

Joining the locals on a ferry ride is a cheap and fun way to get a look at Seattle and the surrounding mountains from the water. Bainbridge Island is an easy destination from downtown Seattle, so you can hop a ferry, grab lunch on the island, and hop the next ferry back. If you’ve got more time, venture north or south of Seattle to hop a ferry to places like Whidbey Island, the San Juan Islands or Vashon Island.

Ferries run regularly, but you’ll want to check out the Washington State Ferries website for boat schedules and alerts. If you are bringing a car, ferry wait times can get long on certain weekends, so check before you head out.