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PFAC Open House

Pratt Fine Arts Center Spring Open House

Have you ever wondered if you could make a beautiful piece of glass art or build a custom piece of furniture? If so, or, if you’re simply curious, make sure to stop by the Pratt Fine Arts Center in the Central District for their Spring Open House on Saturday, March 16.

From 6-9PM, watch as artists, both professional and new, indulge their passion for creating! From glass-blowing and wood-working to jewelry- and print-making, attendees will certainly get the chance to learn all about Pratt and how it can inspire their own creative aspirations. And, with their drop-in kid lab, don’t be afraid to get those kiddos started early – you never know where it might lead!

And, remember some cash, because even though almost everything is free, the nibbles and drinks are not.

March 16, 6-9PM
1902 South Main Street / Seattle