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1 pancake + one egg (any style) + trip to the toppings bar by jslander, on Flickr">

Portage Bay Cafe

Raise your hand if you like pancakes and/or French toast. If you like fresh fruit and/or whipped cream, place your other hand on your heart. If you enjoy strong, fair-trade coffee and/or fresh-squeezed juices, stand up. And if you are dedicated to eating locally-grown, healthy foods, repeat after me: “I hereby solemnly swear that will go have breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe.”

It’s hard to put into words just how wonderful this restaurant is, but I think I can boil it down to one simple phrase: Toppings Bar. When you order a pastry-based breakfast, you’ll be invited to visit the toppings bar, which is stocked with every conceivable substance that you might want to sprinkle on your food: fruit, syrup, nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream. It’s easy to get carried away, but that’s OK, because they let you take home a doggie bag. They are pretty strict about sharing, though, so make sure you play by the rules and refrain from grabbing stuff for your friends while you’re up there.

Though I can’t imagine why, you may not be into the the whole ‘toppings bar’ thing. Have no fear: they also offer a wide selection of scrambles, combos, benedicts, and hashes.

Whatever you choose, you can bet that your food was grown organically at a local farm and that it was created with Portage Bay’s motto: “Eat like you give a damn”.