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Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

We’re just going to start out by stating the obvious. Whether you’re a long-time Seattleite or it’s your first time visiting, you need to spend some quality time at the Pike Place Market. It’s one of the most recognizable–and coolest–locations in the city.


By “quality time” we really mean “several days,” because it’s pretty much impossible to see the whole place in one stop. There are too many options to list them all, but you’ll find places to get souvenirs, eat a meal, shop for gifts, see a show, stock up on food and produce, build your wardrobe, pamper yourself, and on and on.

This girl recommends stopping for a morning snack at Daily Dozen Doughnuts, then wandering through the endless maze of gift shops and galleries featuring local artists. For lunch, try the Athenian Inn for fish and chips, plus an amazing view of Elliot Bay. Finish the afternoon by picking up some ingredients for dinner from Don and Joe’s Meats and produce from local growers. Or, catch dinner and a trapeze show at The Pink Door.

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a picture of the iconic ‘Public Market’ sign and take a ride on Rachel the Pig!