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Penumbra Beer Bash

A penumbra is “…the space of partial illumination between a perfect shadow on all sides and full light…,” according to Webster’s dictionary. Since the Penumbra Beer Bash is on the last weekend of winter before spring, it makes for a perfect name for a celebration that shines a light on some of the best Northwest brews and bands.

This bash really does sound like a lot of fun! Folks can pick from a plethora of brews like Seattle’s own Hilliard’s, Elysian and Fremont, as well as those from Gig Harbor and South Park, to Portland and Astoria, Oregon. This is all while they listen to the local musical talents of bands such as La Luz and the Catheters, just to name a few.

$25 gets you in the door, along with seven tokens for tasting. For more information, click here. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t let it sell out before you get yours!

Oh, and by the way, this cool party is also a fundraiser for the World is Fun, a local nonprofit that links volunteers, organizations and corporations in need throughout Seattle.

King’s Hall
2929 27th Ave. S.
March 16, 4PM-Midnight
Ticket Info