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Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum

Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum

Seattle played a giant role in the personal computer revolution, with Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen leading the way. Paul Allen has taken his passion for the history of computers and built an amazing and possibly only computer museum of its kind called the Living Computer Museum.

The museum tracks the history of computing from punch cards and mainframes to personal computers and graphical user interfaces. What makes this computer museum special is that these relics are not just on display, they are fully-operational and interactive.

On my recent visit, I was able to play with some nostalgic machines from my childhood, including a Commodore VIC20, Apple IIe and a machine running the crude Windows 1.0. They also have a functioning punch-card machine so that you can gain an appreciation for the laborious process that used to be involved with programming computers.

The museum display is top-notch; well worth a visit for both out-of-town and local computer geeks. The museum isn’t open everyday, so be sure to plan your visit and check their website for hours.