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The Old Red Brick Road

The Old Red Brick Road in Redmond

Just outside of suburban Redmond, you’ll come across a mile-long stretch of road that is paved in red bricks. This isn’t some lazy road management by King County, rather it is a historical landmark known as The Old Red Brick Road, part of a highway that stretched from Seattle to Boston in the early 20th century!

The road goes by a few names such as 196th Ave NE, The Yellowstone Trail, James Mattson Road and the Snoqualmie-Redmond Road. The road passed by Yellowstone Park on its way to Boston, which is where that name comes from. James Mattson was the resident who petitioned King County to pave this section.

Today, it is a modest, if largely unknown, historical landmark. A sign marks its history and historical significance.

The Old Red Brick Road history sign

The road makes a fun, though short, historical stop. Just picture yourself in a Ford Model T making your way from Seattle to Boston via this road. It reportedly was a 3-week journey!

You can find the road at 196th Avenue NE between Union Hill Road & Redmond-Fall City Road.

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