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Macklemore v. Pearl Jam v. Slog

Okay folks, here’s a competition I think almost everyone can get behind. This holiday season, fans of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Pearl Jam and the Stranger’s Slog are being asked to put some money behind their fervor. For what, you may ask? To support a most excellent cause: the Orion Center – one of just a few places in Seattle where homeless youth have a safe place to sleep, a warm meal and a chance to get back on their feet. Why? Because they’ve lost their funding, and without your assistance, will have to close their doors.

This is where the fans come in! Pledge your allegiance to one or all three entities and donate some bucks in your favorite’s name. You have until December 24 to not only make a difference, but help your favorite musicians and/or blog become the champion in raising $100k for the Orion Center!

Ready, set, ho, ho, go.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Fans:
Pearl Jam Fans:
Slog Fans: