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Larsen's Danish Bakery - Ballard

Larsen’s Danish Bakery

The influence of Scandinavian immigrants in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is still pretty strong, and pretty tasty if you stop by Larsen’s Danish Bakery for some Danish baked treats! Probably best known for their Danish Kringle, they have a full assortment of breads, cookies and pastries. If you know any Scandinavians, this is THE place to come to pick up their birthday cake, and they do a bustling mail order business as well if you are not in Seattle.

You can also pick up some Lefsa, Smorkaka or Marizpan, if you are not in the mood for a Kringle. My personal favorite is probably the chocolate-dipped Napoleon Hat, though I could be swayed to just about any of the items with almond paste.

Baked Goods at Larsen's Bakery in Ballard