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Kubota Garden gate

Kubota Garden

With spring upon us, it is a perfect time to get out and visit one of Seattle’s two stunning Japanese gardens. There is the Japanese Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum and Kubota Garden in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of South Seattle.

Japanese emigrant Fujitaro Kubota started the garden in 1927, buying land as a nursery for his landscaping business and hoping to show off the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in a Japanese style. As his landscaping business grew, the 20 acres became not only a nursery for his business, but also his family home, office and design and display center.

Kubota Garden

The garden has had a few bumps in the road throughout its history, most notably when it was abandoned during World War II while the Kubota family was at an internment camp in Idaho. The land was also a target of condominium developers in the 1980’s, but was preserved as a historical landmark by the City of Seattle who acquired the garden and now maintain it.

The garden is a spectacular landscape of hills and valleys, interlaced with streams, waterfalls, bridges and rock out-croppings, all with a backdrop of beautiful Northwest foliage. It is open year round and is easy to get to, just south of the city.

Photo credit: Dougerino on flickr