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The Kirkland Oktoberfest

Beer is pretty popular around these parts, and definitely with the Million Cool Things readers, so I can’t pass up writing about the Kirkland Oktoberfest happening this weekend.

This particular festival promises to be a blast – it’s basically two festivals in one! There will be the German biers, long, community tables, German music and traditional German fare. Then, that crazy East side has gone and added a twist! Attendees will also be able to imbibe some of the Northwest’s finest local, craft beer along with it’s scrumptious cuisine. What’s not to like about this kind of partnership?

To top it off, the festival is situated in Kirkland’s beautiful Marina Park, there will be costume contests, a free, all-ages village, a wiener dog race and so much more! Plan on having some fun, staying a while and enjoying yourself. Between the setting, great bier, food and folks, you’re bound to have a good time.

September 27-29
Marina Park Pavilion / 25 Lakeshore Plaza Drive / Kirkland
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