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Kayaks in Lake Union

Kayak Excursion

Did you know that some Seattleites love the sport so much, they’ve been known to commute to work via kayak? It’s true! But we’re guessing the average person is not quite so keen on that idea.

For the less extreme version, might we suggest the Agua Verde Paddle Club? You’d hardly know it’s there, considering that it’s actually in the lower level of the Agua Verde Cafe, but trust us–if you follow the signs toward the water you can’t miss the rental area.

Business is hopping when the weather’s fine, so get there early or shoot for a week day if you can. Either way, you might have to wait a while, depending on how long other renters keep their boats out.

When it’s finally your turn, though, you will be glad for your patience. The crew will strap you into a life preserver, give you a quick training session, and get you situated in the kayak. Then, after a gentle shove, you’re on your own. The maps they give out are helpful because they show you all the different areas that are available and landmarks you will see along the way. The Lake Union route offers you awesome views of downtown, Gasworks park, houseboats made famous by Sleepless in Seattle, and of course, the Ride the Ducks boats. You can also opt to explore the arboretum, Lake Washington, or head all the way to Ballard. Wherever you go, it’s hard not to feel both relaxed and energized by the trip.

Turn around and mosey back when you’re done–you’re free to use the boats as long as you wish, but beware the evil stares from people who have been waiting for you to return. And you know the perfect way to regain your land legs after a long afternoon on the water? Chips and guacamole in the cafe upstairs!