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Bowlers at Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling

We’ve lost a number of bowling alleys in Seattle in recent years, but outdoor lawn bowling is as popular as ever at the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club in Beacon Hill.

Bowls, also known as Lawn Bowls or Lawn Bowling, is a sport where you roll asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closer to a smaller white ball (the “jack” or “kitty”) than your opponent. It is related to games like bocce and petanque and popular in many UK territories.

The Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club has a bowling green right in Jefferson Park. They host a variety of leagues and tournaments if you become a member. If you want to try out the sport, you can check out one of their open bowls or stop by to watch one of the leagues or tournaments. You can get a free lesson from current members at one of the open bowls if you are new to the sport.

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