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Husky Deli

Husky Deli

West Seattle’s “junction” (the area near the intersection of California and Alaska) has a plethora of cool spots, but The Husky Deli should be at the top of your list of places to try.Hungry for lunch? Try a made-to-order sandwich with soup or a salad. The lunches are giant, so be prepared to share with someone or take home leftovers. If you’d rather, have them slice you up some meats and cheeses so you can have your very own sub shop at home.

Is dessert what you’re craving? This place is famous for their ice cream. Try flavors like licorice, nutella, coffee Oreo, or “Husky Flake”–available by the scoop in a freshly made waffle cone, or by the quart in the freezer section. They’ve also got a case full of fancy chocolate truffles and candies.

Not sure what you want? No worries! You’re bound to leave with something, be it a bottle of wine, pantry items that you forgot you needed, or ideas for the next luncheon you’re throwing. They’ll even cater it for you!

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