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Get Movin’ for a Pedal Smoothie at a Farmer’s Market Near You

I say hip, hip, hooray to the gentleman who thought up Pedal Smoothies. What a great way to stay healthy and get fit at the same time! It’s as easy as walking up to his cart, placing your order, then watching him get on his bike, begin to pedal hard and see your yummy, fresh and organic ingredients turn into something tasty. In no time flat, you have a delicious smoothie to drink and enjoy. And, the only reason you’re out of breath is because you’ve been waiting excitedly to take your first gulp. What could be better?

All you need to do is head out to one of these farmer’s markets and order one up at Seattle’s very own Pedal Smoothie. Sounds like a great way to spend a morning or afternoon to me.

Drink up!