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Gasworks Park Kite Shop

Gasworks Park Kite Shop

Gasworks Park is a popular Seattle park, offering views of Lake Union and downtown Seattle amongst the remnants of an old coal processing plant. With lots of open space, it is also a perfect spot to fly a kite, so it should come as no surprise that a couple of blocks away is the Gasworks Park Kite Shop.

I used to manage a very similar kite shop on the shores of Lake Michigan during my summers in college, and there is no better way to spend a lazy, or should I say windy, spring or summer afternoon than to fly a kite. You may opt for a simple single-line kite like you flew as a kid, but if you are looking for something more challenging, opt for a dual or quad-line stunt kite. With multi-line control, comes the ability to spin, maneuver and in the case of quad-line, reverse the direction of a kite.

stunt kite over water

If this doesn’t sound manly enough for you, then choose an airfoil power kite. Given that you can surf or water ski behind these, they have got some serious pull in the winds are right. I’ve been picked up 3 feet off the ground by large stunt kites and have flown ones that required an anchor to a tree for safety.

When you are a novice or a kite-flying fiend, Gasworks Park Kite Shop will get you outfitted and can also help with lessons. They are also a great source of banners, windsocks and spinners for the yard or pier.