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Food Driving Box

As we come to the close of this week and move toward Thanksgiving Day next week, I thought it might be a great time to write about the Food Driving Box. This very simple, yet effective idea was created by a local Laurelhurst mom, who wanted to help “drive away hunger” in the community. The box is meant to be stowed in the back of your car, and every time you hit the grocery store, take a moment to add a few items to your basket that can head to your local food bank.

Not sure what the food bank might be looking for? No need to fret. The box has a list of the most wanted food items printed right on the box! Don’t know where your local, or just a community food bank is located? Just check out the list on the box – could you ask for anything more simple and convenient? And, the boxes are free and easy to pick up at area food banks – just check out the list on the Food Driving Box website.

Now that’s one great way to give thanks this holiday. Hope to see you in the grocery store aisle!

Photo courtesy of Food Driving Box via facebook