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Kenmore Air Seaplane

Fly in a Seaplane

Water, mountains and islands dominate the Puget Sound landscape. There are a lot of ways to tour the area by vehicle or boat, but nothing gives you the unique perspective of checking out the area on a seaplane. Check out the amazing sights of Seattle from above in a low-flying plane, plus you get the added thrill of taking off and landing on the water!

Kenmore Air operates a fleet of 25 seaplanes that constantly buzz in and out of Lake Union and the north end of Lake Washington. If you are looking for some “flightseeing“, they offer a couple of short flights that show you some of the major sites in the area. Besides their sightseeing tours, Kenmore Air operates as a real airline serving a variety of isolated island and resort destinations, some of which are only reachable by boat. They can take you quickly to the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Peninsula, or a variety of places in Canada including Desolation Sound, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.