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Fishermens Terminal - Seattle

Fishermen’s Terminal

Just west of the Ballard Bridge in Seattle is Fishermen’s Terminal, home to a large fleet of commercial fishing vessels that regularly ply the waters of the Puget Sound and Alaska. The marina is popular with ocean-going boats, as it provides a calm, fresh-water port and is right outside of downtown Seattle. If you are a fan the show Deadliest Catch, some of the Alaskan crab boats call this port home when they are not at sea. There is also a poignant memorial dedicated to local fishermen who have been lost at sea.

Fishermen's Memorial

This is a great local spot to enjoy the scenery, check out the boats and grab some tasty seafood. The Wild Salmon Seafood Market sells a wide variety of the local catch for you to take home and prepare. If you can’t wait that long, Chinook’s restaurant right in the terminal is a favorite spot for seafood with great views of the boats. My personal favorite is their fish & chips, but don’t be shy about checking out whatever is fresh. It’s also a working port, so it has shops that cater to the basic needs of the fishing boats, like a barber, post office, pub and tobacco shop.

Fish & Chips - Chinook's at Salmon Bay