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Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

Hey, have you ever noticed the Experience Music Project building? It’s not like it stands out or anything; it’s just nestled bashfully in the shadows of the Space Needle (as pictured above).

Obviously I’m being sarcastic. Anyone could recognize the outlandish architecture of the EMP, but have you actually been inside? It’s as sensory-overloaded as the outside, only a different sense is being stimulated: your ears.

Jam out in the Sound Lab, where you can practice playing real instruments. When you’re ready, perform a song for the other museum-goers via the On Stage feature (fog machine and spotlights included). Or, if you prefer a calmer experience, simply rent an audio guide, stick on your headphones, and listen to the rich history of the worldwide music scene.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that the Science Fiction Museum is in the basement? Your inner nerd will surely be intrigued. In other words, you better set aside a whole day for this place.