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Duck Dodge - Lake Union

Duck Dodge

Maybe you took our advice and learned to sail? If you’ve got your sea legs, visit Lake Union on Tuesday nights throughout the summer for a Duck Dodge sailboat race.

What is a Duck Dodge, you ask? It is a simple sailboat race around Lake Union, which has a fair amount of ducks, so you need to steer clear of them on the race course. The race is for “any sailboat, any size, any crew and any sail you can fly,” so it is a pretty low-key, fun-loving event. Some Tuesdays have themes like Pajama Night or Pirate Night, so crews don all sorts of crazy outfits while they try to circumnavigate the lake.

There are a few rules in this race, with important ones like not hitting one-another (with or without boats) and bribing the race committee is against the rules (while anybody is looking). The most notable and most important rule is known as the “Scared Duck Rule“, which reads:

“Any yacht coming in contact with or substantially frightening any duck shall complete a 720 degree turn and apologize to duck before continuing.”

Even if you are not a sailor, a Tuesday evening visit to Lake Union on a nice summer evening is a must. The race begins at 7:00PM and the lake is jam-packed with sailboats. It is quite a sight, though it makes us wonder if they spend more time dodging other boats, rather than the fabled ducks!

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