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DirtFish Rally School

Dirt Fish Rally School

Tired of traffic jams and your daily commute? Always wondering what it would be like to actually push your car to the limit in a race or even take it off-road? If you live in the Seattle area, you are in luck, and all you need to know is one word: Rally!

Dirt Fish Rally School in Snoqualmie offers drivers a chance to race street-legal rally cars over a course filled with gravel, dirt, and mud. You can get your racing fix through a variety of courses that they offer, including a 2-Hour Taste of Rally, 1/2-Day Intro to Rally and 1-Day Rally Fundamentals. If you are new to rally racing, they’ll put you behind the wheel of a 300 HP, all-wheel-drive Subaru STi rally care and teach you the basics of traction and skid control. They’ll also strap you in the passenger seat with one of the instructors where they’ll take you through a race course at full speed!